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This is a user manual for Alcatel 1 X/D/Y. Help. Refer to the To download the software update tool onto your PC, go to Do not place your phone on top of the dashboard or Parents should monitor their children's use of video games or other features that incorporate flashing lights on the phones.

There are parts of the Oppo RX17 Neo we love, like its excellent battery life and bold screen. However, charging that is both slow and micro USB-based seems totally out of place in , and at the price you can get metal and glass phones. They feel more impressive, although Oppo has done a good job of making plastic look like glass here.

So here what is quite a similar product on the face of it, however there are surprises like a fingerprint reader that is normally invisible on the screen. Source: Android. Negative: No NFC; poor selfie camera. Oppo K1 Adreno Oppo Realme 2 Pro Adreno Samsung Galaxy A6s Adreno Nokia 7. Vivo Z3x Adreno Xiaomi Redmi Note 7S Adreno Nokia X71 Adreno Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Adreno ColorOS lets you clone certain apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, so you can run them with two accounts concurrently.

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And there are gestures for split-screen multi-tasking some will appreciate probably about five people in total. We have noticed a few more bugs than normal in the Oppo RX17 Neo though. On occasion apps have insta-closed on loading, and sometimes WhatsApp messages are strangely slow to load when returning to the app. However general performance is very good.

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The Oppo RX17 Neo is one of the better phones at the price for raw gaming performance. Its Snapdragon chipset has an Adreno graphics chip. It has the flagship Snapdragon chipset, making it more powerful still, by a large margin. Other aspects of the Oppo RX17 Neo are strong too. Its punchy OLED screen makes movies and games look great. And the GB of storage offers masses of room for installs and locally stored video.

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It also has game optimizer software, which is part of the ColorOS interface. Several manufacturers offer their own take on this. Oppo has been here before. Most non-iphone people reading this should put it on their shortlist. Ignoring the rainbow smudges, the screen is technically very good, and fast-charging is a real bonus. Even the software - despite a few annoyances - is fine. The only area that needs real improvement is image processing from the camera s. This would cost the company just a few dollars, but it gives the phone protection from drops and scratches out of the box.

It makes sense for lesser known brands to ship with their own cases — the phone case booth inside your local mall may have never heard of Oppo — but it's such a great customer friendly feature, that I wish all phone makers would copy Oppo here.

Oppo RX17 Pro review

The all screen design, face recognition unlock, and ColorOS' similarities to iOS, all make the R11s feel like a much more affordable version of the iPhone X, and honestly, that's not a bad thing. The new dual-camera setup was chosen with the best intentions, but something went wrong implementing it. Not sure whether it can be fixed via a firmware update and honestly they can leave it as is - the R11s will be a reasonably good cameraphone - it's just not great. The addition of a gorgeous, extra tall, 6.

Let's hope the impressions stands after we complete the review.

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A euros, le Oppo R15 Pro est clairement trop cher. OnePlus will announce the OnePlus 6 soon. It will have much of the same body and likely fix many of my gripes with this thing. Beyond that, it will almost certainly be priced less the R15 Pro, which makes it a no-brainer compared to this model. If you want more phone and a fancier camera expect to pay more.

That would be my choice. That said, the phone is a bellwether for OPPO's ambitions in the mid-range segment as the brand starts making its foray into Western markets. Who knows? But the R15 Pro is available today in all colors, on every official market.

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No invites, queues, out of stock messages, and whatnot. You can go inside any Oppo store and buy it. Chinese manufacturers have long shed the image of being cheap but underwhelming knockoffs. Until then make sure you watch the video above to get a good sense of what the phone looks like and stay tuned to Android Authority for more gradient-colored notch device news and reviews.

Oppo R15 Pro: lo smartphone che non ti aspetti. Peccato per il ''notch''. La recensione Source: Leonardo. Hands-on with the Oppo R17, a phone with a unique looking notch and an in-display fingerprint sensor Update: Local pricing! Essentially, the glass back is treated in a way to produce a two-tone effect and have the color shimmers depending on how the light lands on it. Dual rear cameras, beautiful design, a full-screen experience with a tiny notch -- these make it a killer midrange phone, but we've seen plenty of similar phones this year.

The phone is primarily a camera-centric device, where it delivers consistently irrespective of lighting conditions.

Oppo RX17 Pro

The SuperVOOC charging technology and in-display fingerprint sensor add to the overall utility of the smartphone to make it an all-rounder in its segment. However, at its price, the phone seems to be on an expensive side. Unlike most companies which tries to improve image quality by manipulating their photos produced by the camera, OPPO decided to minimally start with a solid and good performing camera hardware. This allowed the R17 Pro to capture unadulterated photos very well.

Together with some of the new software on its camera, the OPPO R17 Pro places itself on the top as one of the best camera smartphones out in the market. In , it has become pretty much essential for a flagship device to carry high-end optics as the industry is highly competitive and there are multiple good phones with amazing cameras at various price points.

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Talking of flagships, their recent R series release comes named as R17 Pro — also known as RX17 Pro in some regions — which we have with us and will be discussing about in detail within this review. The R naming lineup is renewed at least once each year and carries the best Oppo has to offer. Sporting interesting hardware such as a rear triple camera system and an in-display fingerprint scanner, R17 Pro is what Oppo has brought to the table in